Losing stuff sucks.
Make sure it can be
found again.

SwagTags help reunite owners with their lost and stolen belongings, quickly and effectively. Are you protecting yours?

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Lost property is now
a thing of the past.

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Attach uniquely-coded SwagTags Stickers and Keyrings to your valuable belongings.

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See location and contact details the instant your belongings are reported found.


Retrieve your possessions and get back to enjoying your day.

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  • No batteries or charging
  • No going out-of-range
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wonderful members

Fantastic idea this! Simple and flawless. You just stick the stickers onto your valuables and link them to your account. So easy. Second order already put in and probably many more to come.

Daniel Patrick August 2020


of tagged belongings reported lost that are later reunited


average amount saved because SwagTags reunited lost property


average number of belongings protected with SwagTags by each member


average time between a belonging being lost and reunited with SwagTags