From 1st October 2018, Police forces in England and Wales will no longer deal with lost property.

SwagTags in 3 simple steps

1. Tag your swag

Sign up and attach a SwagTag to each of your valued belongings. Every SwagTag is printed with a unique code that links the item back to you.

Lost property is easily be reported online by absolutely anyone, anywhere in the world, anytime of day; no special apps or prior knowledge of SwagTags needed.

2. Notified when found

You will instantly receive SMS and email notifications with the whereabouts of your stuff along with contact details to get in touch - even if you hadn't realised it was missing.

3. Happily reunited

Arrange the collection of your belongings and they'll be safely back with you before you know it!

Key Tags

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There's a long list of other benefits as well:

  • No batteries or charging
  • No going out-of-range
  • No expiration date
  • No invasion of your privacy
  • No subscriptions!
  • And many more…