About SwagTags


SwagTags works anywhere in the world. Anyone, in any country, speaking any language, can find and report your lost belongings as found.


It's free to use our service (no monthly or annual fees here!) and you can tag your most valued possessions for less than a fiver.

Simple recovery

Someone finding one of your lost belongings does not need a special app, paired device or even a smartphone. A quick visit to the SwagTags website is all thats needed to report an item found.

Speedy setup…

You can have an account and tag all your possessions in less time than it takes to finish drinking your morning cup of coffee.

…speedier return

As soon as you're notified that one of your belongings has been found, you are in full control of how your items are returned, it could be a matter of minutes!


Should your item fall into the wrong hands, using SwagTags means your possession remains annonyous at the point of discovery until you are ready to make contact.


Instant notifications and location tracking are just some of the ways we're smarter about asset recovery.


With SwagTags your emergency contact details are stored online, so a few seconds to change and all of your tags will be updated - including when something has already been lost!

Deter thieves

The presence of a SwagTag acts as a strong deterrant to anyone with sticky fingers. Items registered online can discourage petty-theft, the thief knowing that it may be harder and riskier to sell-on if it can later be traced.